About us

So, one day two brothers (We’ll call them Paul and Richard Wilson for the purposes of this story – because that’s their names) sat down at their dear mothers house and began to speak to one another for a change rather than playing Streetfighter 2, the conversation went something like this;

Paul “Alright Bro”
Rick “I’m alright”
Paul “How’s the band doing?”
Rick “Good ta, did a gig for the new EP at the weekend which went well, what about you, you busy”
Paul “Yep snowed under, just trying to find some time to do something creative for myself rather than doing stuff for everyone else”
Rick “Ha, I know what you mean, why don’t you design some T-shirts for me for when I’m playing?”
Paul “Yep, OK”

And that is how WonkyPlanet was found, slightly unspectacularly, without a plan (or a map), without a strategy and without a suit in site. You could sort of say we stumbled upon WonkyPlanet but in reality we’ve been living on it all our lives.